Moving Forward in 2020

SOS Moving Forward

Sisters on Samui – Moving Forward in 2020

Sisters On Samui! Who are we? 300+ ladies local and internationally banding together as “ladies who lunch!” Every third Wednesday of the month between 30 and 60 of us gals get together to eat drink and be merry while supporting each other and more importantly our community. We’ve raised funds to target many local causes over the last 23 years; • Samui rescue equipment, • Pre-natal apparatus for the maternity ward • Renovation of the children’s ward in the national hospital • Rehabilitation projects for the women’s prison • Spay and neutering of local Soi dogs To name but a few. Currently, we have faced like so many globally an unprecedented event. This terrible pandemic, Covid19 The impact it has had on countless people here is huge, lockdown, no work, no money no food. Sisters on Samui took rapid action once the enormity of the problem became apparent. We quickly asked for donations of food and money in order to make “emergency food packages”. SOS now making up and distributing o average of 45,000 food packs per week in communities all over the island. The local community – both Thai people and ex-pats in Samui – have rallied behind our effort plus we have received financial support from around 50 countries worldwide as the word got out. With this backing, we now move forward with the launch of our website which will highlight our current work and future goals.

United in this pandemic we’ve started something special here, now is the perfect time to bring together globally all of you sisters, brothers, mums, dads, friends; to launch our website highlighting our current work and future goals. Sign up today and walk the path to making a difference, educating, supporting and together finding the key to unlock the social and environmental issues we face here on Samui


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